Property Management

We have a unique way of managing affordable housing communities to ensure residents are thriving, employees are excelling and owners are confident their communities are performing to their expectations. We are able to accomplish these three objectives through effective management of residents, on-going training of staff and open communication with the owner.

Gateway’s effective management of residents begins with responsiveness. As a boutique management company Gateway is able to listen and act on resident feedback and concerns before they develop into major issues. All Gateway communities have signs with corporate contact information to allow residents to reach a supervisor if they feel their issue is not being dealt with properly by on-site staff. Corporate staff is well trained and has over 25 years of experience handling residents and applicants.

Our staff receives training on Fair Housing, USDA-RD, HUD & LIHTC requirements. In addition, our staff is provided with the necessary forms, policies and procedures to perform their assigned functions. Each staff member works closely with their supervisor to resolve day to day issues with residents, applicants and guests as part of effective property management.

We customize our management approach to fit the needs of each individual community. Through proper communication with all parties including on site managers and maintenance staff, vendors and government agencies, Gateway Management is able to present the owner with timely and accurate information.

Resident Services

We are a firm believer that social programs and activities for both adults and children are a great way bring people together and cultivate a happier and healthier community. Gateway currently runs a variety of programs appropriate for each community. Including but not limited to:

  • Senior Feeding Programs
  • USDA Summer Feeding Program for Children
  • Medical Exams / Visiting Physicians
  • Fire and Police Safety Training
  • Voter Registration
  • Variety of Activities for Seniors (Bingo, Movies, Picnics etc.)
  • Resident Service Coordinators who assist residents with a variety of personal issues.
  • Holiday Parties
  • Gardening


Gateway Executives have over 15 years of experience managing more than 150 LIHTC communities. Our compliance team reviews and approves all new move-ins, calculates the rent based on income, visits the properties, and ensures that each household is properly qualified for LIHTC programs with appropriate documentation. The team has a system for timely reporting to both the investors and State Agencies which keep us in compliance with program requirements and ensure the safety of the Tax Credits.

Management works closely with the compliance agencies to timely address and minimize any issues or deficiencies in order to avoid 8823’s. We have excellent relationships with the state agencies because we understand their program requirements and respond to any findings immediately.

Green Initiatives

  • Utility Monitoring
    • Actively monitor water usage to detect any leaks and communicate with maintenance.
    • Proactive toilet flapper replacement
    • Low-Flow Water Conservation
    • Showerheads
    • Toilets
  • Utility Rebates – Research and Apply
  • Retro Fitting Light Fixtures with LED
    • Security Lighting
    • Common Area Lighting
    • Apartment Lighting
  • Weatherization Programs Offered by Local Utility Companies
    • Replace Refrigerators
    • Replace Door Seals
    • Repair HVAC Systems
  • Energy Star Appliances

Preventative Maintenance Program

We have a strong focus on preventative maintenance. An effective preventative maintenance program accomplishes two goals; preventing breakdowns and avoiding more serious and costly repairs. Our preventative maintenance program is customized by month for each property and contains typically 15-20 items to be checked by maintenance staff. Maintenance staff is required to sign off and date each item and return the list to the corporate office on a monthly basis. The results submitted to the corporate office are discussed to determine if further action is required.

Preventative Maintenance also involves the site manager. Our site managers are required to walk the property regularly and document specific conditions or deficiencies observed using our form. These observations are submitted monthly to corporate where they are reviewed and discussed if further action is required.

Financial Expertise

Shelley Severe, CPA leads our Accounting Department which oversees all aspects of the accounting systems and financial reporting. We use Onesite Accounting and all financial record keeping is done in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Shelley has over 20 years of experience working with auditors, investors and agencies meeting their reporting and compliance requirements.

We recognize that every owner may require different reporting requirements and timelines. Through the use of the Realpage Products, we prepare the following standard reports for all owners, however we are able to customize many reports for owners.

  • Rent-roll
  • Tenant Accounts Receivable
  • Profit/Loss statements with variance analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Vacancy / Turnover Reports

As your Management Agent we are also able to assist with:

  • Real Estate Tax Appeals
  • Negotiating Insurance Packages
  • Identifying and resolving compliance issues
  • Improving Security
  • Lock in Rates with Fuel Providers for Electric and Gas
  • Evaluate ADA and 504 Requirements